La Inedita confirmed to play Staycation Live

We’re very excited to announce that La Inedita will be performing at this years Staycation Live Festival bringing their unique flavorful mix of Peruvian Cumbia with Raggamuffin and Dancehall.

The band somehow found out about each other’s music skills through an internet network of friends and they got together to jam and it was during that very first jamming session that  the blending of different music styles including Chicha and Raggamuffin gave birth to “Chichamuffin” ! The band began to play in many areas of Barranco and Downtown Lima and gained a lot of recognition and love from their fans and as a result have been asked to play in a variety of music festivals, college campus celebrations and will now be landing on British shores to unleash Chichamuffin to the Godalming massive. La Inedita have shared stages with well-known Peruvian bands, such as: La Sarita, Bareto, La Mente, Sabor y Control, Vieja Skina and have recently released their album “Chichamuffin”, which is available to listen online as well as to download for free on their website:

“One of the more impressive of these groups that has come across our radar lately has been La Inedita. The group hails from Peru and plays a combination of chicha, a style of cumbia influenced surf-rock and psychedelia that was popular in the 70’s, as well as dancehall/reggae burners, that is all topped off by rapid fire Spanish rapping/singing in a style somewhat reminiscent of reggaeton. The group’s blend is made more impressive by their evident instrumental talent; the guitar solos sting and bite, the rapper can really flow, the rhythm section is able to generate both genuinely threatening intensity and a dance floor filling groove (and often both at the same time).” – Afropop Worldwide / Brooklyn, USA

“Direct from Lima, Peru La Inedita brings its flavorful mix of Peruvian Chicha with Ragamuffin and Dancehall. Peru meets Jamaica. Feel the fire!” – Sindicato del Sonido / México / USA

“La Inedita has an incredible style of fusing dancehall, raggamuffin and chicha.” – Generation Bass / USA

“La Inedita: Leaders of the new Peruvian urban cumbia.
Direct from the barrio of La Victoria, Lima…La Inedita are tough! Masters at rhyming and rocking these guys are not for the faint hearted and are massively talented with a sound and style akin to Rage Against the Machine and Asian Dub Foundation. Often drawing on their cumbia or reggae roots these guys are the leaders of Peru’s urban underground.”
Latino Life / UK

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