The Peas are back !

Flying straight into the face of Staycation Live policy with full force and without a care at all for what the consequences may be we are booking the same band for the same stage two years in a row… WHAT! I hear you all cry…that is surely pure madness and the fabric of the space and time itself will surely disintegrate? You’re probably right but that’s how AWESOME The Peas were last year and the name most people mentioned as their highlight when asked… so this year we have made an exception and will take that risk..

An acoustic duo – double bass/vocals and acoustic guitar/vocals (bass drum) with added instrumentation in the form of Kazoos, mouth trumpets, melodica, beat box and vocal synthesizer… backchat and bickering are also provided……free of charge!

Kelvin apparently came 2nd in the world stone skimming championships on Brighton seafront, quite an achievement we think you’ll agree..

Let us know what you think!