So despite optimistically holding off to see how this situation unfolds we have to finally give you the unfortunate news that Staycation Live won’t be going ahead in the park this year. However sad that is we feel it’s clearly the right thing to do. Everyone’s having a tough time doing what we can to minimise the effects of this situation and it would be lovely to be able to come together when it’s all over to celebrate community, and those people in our community that have put themselves on the line to look after the most vulnerable amongst us. That’s unlikely to be in August though, so we won’t be seeing you all in the park like usual.

We’re putting our heads together to work out how we can give you all a Staycation Live like experience from the safety of your homes, and as soon as we’ve got some more news we’ll come back to let you know how that might work. Ideally we’ll bring you music, good times and some lovely local food and drink, delivered/streamed directly to your homes.

In the meantime, stay safe, look after each other and we’ll be in touch soon! ❤️