Improving sustainability at Staycation live

We’ve been aware for some time at Staycation Live that we need to do whatever we can to improve out sustainability credentials. It’s up to all of us to do what we can to extend the planet’s life, and festivals and events aren’t always the most environmentally friendly.

This year we’re able to announce that we’re another step closer to being a plastic free festival. We’re trying to remove single-use plastic from the event completely, so this year our bar will be using these great looking re-usable cups.

It’s a pretty simple system – When you buy your first pint of delicious beer or cider you pay a £1 deposit on top of the price of your drink. When you want another one, you simply bring back your cup and get a refill. At the end of the day you can bring your cup back and we’ll return your deposit, or you get to keep your Staycation Live cup as a souvenir! Everyone’s a winner, especially the planet!